Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today was the day I realized what an awesome group I have! From the moment I walked in to find Jake Noel-Storr (who walked out 2 seconds later. Hopefully i'll see him around soon?) and the rest of my astronomical group, I found the atmosphere to be very inviting and laid-back. After introductions and receiving our RIT ID's, Chris Fallon took us down to the first floor to observe their second lab, which contained this really neat walk in cube named the scube. (As I remember?) Basically, we were told to walk inside the enclosed cube and experience a powerpoint which was being displayed on all 4 sides of the cube. This powerpoint was made to enhance the learning experience and give the feeling of an environment which encompassed the individual inside. I couldn't help but think about how awesome it would be to somehow merge this idea with an interactive game, such as Halo or COD! After this, Chris instructed our intern group to research something based on astronomy, such as black holes, dark matter, and the like. After this we were told to write a summarized report on what we gathered. Hopefully tomorrow we will begin working more in-depth on astronomy as well as the scube. I was given the option to work either more on astronomy or the scube, and I chose to work on the scube.

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