Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 1!

Wow! Well today was the first day of the RIT internship this summer, beginning the eight weeks spent in astronomical imaging (although I never did any work on the subject today). Today was all about team building skills. Our task today was to go on a scavenger hunt that involved walking throughout the entire campus! They couldn't have picked a more perfect day either. I mean, it was only 95 degrees out, so no worries. But it really was a ton of fun! After capturing as many requested objects on video as we could, we uploaded the files onto a computer and edited them into a DVD. (Oh, and i forgot to mention that we were all split into 3 groups of 6). Aside from the difficulties of a MAC, i think we did alright. After the intense beating we received from the heat and a heavy dose of sore feet, we all kicked back and relaxed with some pizza and ice cold drinks. Heavenly! (Compliments to the chef). Although i didn't get the opportunity to meet with my instructor today I will hopefully be seeing him tomorrow and begin Astronomical Imaging! I hope they're prepared to teach me along the way because i really don't know a whole ton on the subject. But I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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