Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 12

Today we went on the U of R field trip and visited the bio medical lab. It was very interesting to see first hand the experiments that they were conducting. Their main task is to successfully create a system of human cells that will hopefully someday be used to produce living tissue and organs such as a liver or heart. This was very exciting to hear and witness how advanced in technology we have become. For some reason an emergency alarm was set off and we had to temporarily leave the building. Unfortunately we actually didnt find out what the emergency was, but it must've been pretty important because the fire department arrived with their axes ablaze! Haha maybe it was just some secret plot to wake us up from the lectures. Honestly they were pretty interesting. Once I got back to the scube room at the RIT, I had just enough time to start the new wheels for the Mars Rover, which are much more intricate than the originals. I am actually doing some work at home in order to get ahead.

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