Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 16

Today Sando started us on a new project that involved the evolution of a star. We were instructed to create a simulation in which a star is birthed, goes throughout its life by expanding until it becomes a red giant, and finally collapses on itself and dies, in which it creates a black hole. So far Amy and I have created the expansion phase up until it becomes a red giant star. Also, earlier today (during our 8:45 am meeting) we were all instructed to sit in a room with the lights out for ten minutes, while Bob waited outside. After ten minutes of us sitting playing games, (which was pretty fun btw lol) Bob opened the door and we were instructed to cover one eye with our hand while we walked around in the lighted building. After we circled the building once, we came back to the dark room and opened both eyes again. Apparently when we did, one eye could see very well in the dark and the other could see nothing at all! The eye that was covered could see as if it hadn't been exposed to light (which, it hadn't so go figure) but it was really crazy. The feeling of being blind in one eye and able to see in the other! I think this has to do with the retina and the photo electric effect. Maybe the electrons on the retina take a while to come off once you go into a dark room, whereas the eye already used to the dark doesn't have any electrons on it.

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