Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 7

Today was pretty much a free day in terms of working at the RIT. Instead we had the privilege of visiting JML optics for a field trip in order to more fully understand the lenses that are frequently used in imaging science. We were all shocked and excited to find that our mode of transportation would be a limo bus! While we were there, our supervisors showed us around the facility and gave us first hand accounts as to how their lenses are created and processed. It was really interesting to witness physics that I learned in school being applied to real life scenerios. After the field trip we stopped at a sub shop called Ameils (i think i spelled that right? lol) and scarfed down 9 inch - 14 inch subs. Of course i bought the jumbo sub! it was really good too. No of course i didnt finish it, i only had 1/4 of it haha. After we returned to the RIT we later met up outside for a volleyball match for our team building exercise. Thankfully we'll be having a match every wednesday!

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