Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 28

Today I had the chance to watch some presentations of the undergraduates in their preparation for friday. Sando told Amy and I that we dont actually have to go up to present with him tomorrow. He said that we really wouldnt be doing any talking since its his project. Honestly I'm not really sure what he's going to be presenting because he hasnt even started his presentation! It worked out nicely because I have an appointment tomorrow and I wasnt sure how that would fit in with the time budget here, or if I would need to reschedule. It was nice to be able to watch the undergrads practice their presentations and take notes as 'what not to do' when I give mine next friday. Lol. It kind of alleviated some pressure as well, watching them made me realize I'm not the only one nervous about presenting. (Watching them stumble a couple times was nice to see, not to be mean or anything ha ha. But I didnt want to be the only one potentailly stumbling a couple times. Not to say I wont try to perfect it!)

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