Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 27

Today we headed off to our last field trip :'( Oh the joys of riding in a limo bus. Those days are all but gone now. But it was fun while it lasted! We visited the Eastman Kodak House and learned about the early methods of photography that incorporated the use of metals and glass to preserve an image. This kind of photography is called daguerreotype and over time, the daguerreotype can tarnish from exposure of the elements, therefore they are becoming all the more sparse and have accumulated much value. We had the chance to see the effects that a small bug had on a daguerreotype after it had died within its casing, and its body moisture caused a tarnishing around that area of the image. After that we freely explored a small room of early cameras, and we were even lucky enough to see the very camera that took the "Flag Raising at Iwa Jima" photograph! (I think I butchered that name ha ha.) Anyways, it was all very cool and definitely worth while to visit.

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